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     I love the fact that Finsbury Park Cleaning Company offer so many different cleaning services. I have them come do my cleaning once a week, but if I need someone to clean my carpets, or do a deep clean after a party, they are always happy to help out, and normally offer me discounts too. It's so cost-effective and really makes my life so much easier.
Bredon Halo19/05/2020
     Keep up the good work! We love how easy is to work with you guys, and the quality of work is always amazing.
Christine A.19/09/2019
     I was delighted with the deep cleaning services I received. Thank you!
     I have to admit I wasn't sure about hiring a cleaning company, but thought I'd give it a go because Finsbury Park Carpet Cleaning were offering such a cheap deal, and now I can honestly say I don't regret a thing, the team are great and take such a weight off my mind. Love working with them.
David Earth13/12/2017
     Professional cleaners were something I'd never even thought about hiring - I thought they were all for rich people with massive houses, but after the birth of my second child and after going back to work, I found I had too much on my plate to be stressed out by cleaning! Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park have given me the breathing space I need with their amazing cleaning services. I love the cleaners, I love the service, I love the price - 100% would recommend to anyone looking to get a cleaner home without having to put the work in!
Pam Agnes29/01/2015
     The cleaning lady from Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park came to me from my boyfriend. He has been using their services for a number of years now and when we moved in together, he brought his cleaning company along. I am so glad he did though! I have never before witnessed such brilliantly cleaned interiors and such friendly and respectful service before. Anna is a wonderful person and does her job very thoroughly. Even when the house in deep mess, she never complains about the amount of work that she has to do. Thanks a lot Anna!
Lily U.04/12/2014
     I needed an emergency carpet clean to get rid of a wine stain and I received a great service from Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park. The team was brilliant and used some effective techniques to clean the stain. I was impressed with the service I got and also the cost. I know I called for an emergency appointment and thought the cost would be expensive but it was very reasonable. I am now going to have the entire carpets cleaned as I was so happy with the results.
M. Mcdonald24/11/2014
     My boyfriend's flat was very untidy when I first went round and sometimes it was quite unpleasant to be in. I didn't have the heart to tell him but I didn't like going round there whilst it was in a mess. I tactfully recommended Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park to him and it's the best thing I ever did - the cleaning is done regularly now and the place is so much tidier and nicer to be in and I'm very grateful to the help of the cleaners he hired for making it less difficult for me to go round there and see him!
     It wasn't so much that my favourite squashy arm chairs were dirty, but they were getting a little bit smelly, probably from all the use. I didn't really know what to do about it, until I researched online and found out about Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park. They explained the cleaning process to me, telling me that they would deodorize my furniture, and would also protect from future smells by spraying an anti-dirt, anti-smell, anti-anything (at least it seemed!) mixtures over, to protect my furniture, and ensure a long lasting clean. Definitely one of the best things I ever did, I love sitting in my armchairs now, totally awesome!
Frankie S.04/09/2014
     I have always had the same thoughts about cleaning services. Either they are too expensive, and will make me feel like a snob, or they operate on the 'you get what you pay for' level of quality. I was more than happy to be proved wrong! Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park provided me with a cleaning service that was inexpensive, and far exceeded my expectations. My house looks great, and I don't feel like a snob in front of my friends at all. Instead, they wondered how their house could get the same treatment! I will definitely be hiring again in the near future.
Phil Powers21/08/2014
     I don't know how I ever would have coped with my end of tenancy clean without Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park! I was rushed off my feet with work and packing and I knew that cleaning was out of the question. The cleaner was absolutely amazing and got everything sorted and in shape in no time at all. I was really impressed with the level of cleanliness, and nothing had been forgotten about or neglected in any way. This is a really professional and friendly company and they used great equipment and products too. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an end of tenancy clean that they can trust!
Simon S.08/07/2014
     I'll never use another cleaning company again now that I've found Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park! I don't get my house regularly cleaned, but I do like to get a one-off clean every few months. I first hired the company to get rid of stains on my sofa, and I was blown away by the results! My sofa looked as good as new, so when it was time for a one-off clean they were the first company I called. Their house cleaning service was just as impressive and skilful as their upholstery cleaning service and I'm really happy! I can't wait to try out their other cleaning services too!
Rebecca F.17/04/2014
     With cleaning being as important as it is, and me being as busy as I am, it seems only right to get a cleaning company in, but I'm not going to deal with nigh old cleaning service. Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park really are the best in their game, and I should know, I've tried a few! A consistently great performance alongside good value and lovely staff means that I am happy to use them again and again. I would suggest that anyone who needs similar attributes in a cleaner will do well to use them, and will hopefully not be disappointed, especially after such high praise form myself!
Alfredo Pratt05/03/2014
     Letting a stranger into your home to do something you could do yourself does seem a little uncomfortable at first. But trust me, when it comes to cleaning, you will not do as good a job as Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park! I was bowled over by the results when they came to clean my home following a busy party. They worked with efficiency and each cleaner was friendly and courteous. We now have the same cleaner every week to keep our house pristine all year long and they are absolutely superb. We would be lost without Carpet Cleaners Finsbury Park's help.
The Redlands03/12/2013

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